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Following his inspirations from the world of rock and roll, Canadian singer/songwriter Nickolaj Erick Berg is an artist returning to his roots. His latest 60’s rock inspired singles “Back to the Start” and “Dig Me” (2023) feature jangly guitars, groovy bass lines, and catchy vocal melodies. 

After living in Denmark during his adolescence, Nickolaj moved to Vancouver, Canada where much of his formative years were spent listening to The Beatles, Eagles, Michael Jackson and other classic 60’s and 70’s artists. His early 20’s involved performing in intimate lounges, historic venues and local festivals, gaining acclaim among his peers. Two years studying music at Selkirk College in Nelson, B.C. further nurtured the prospering songwriter.   

Nickolaj is looking forward to releasing more music in 2023, with the help of Vancouver’s best musicians and recording engineers.